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Wireless Solutions from CJ & A Installations

Wireless networking solutions offer a number of features that make them suitable for use as a stand alone network or wireless networking can be a complimentary solution to conventional wired networks. Wireless networking is ideal for use in listed buildings where knocking holes in walls is not an option or in organisations where there is a highly mobile workforce.

Wireless networking is frequently used in large warehouse environments to link forklift operatives to the server for real time downloading and updating of picking lists. They can also be used for transmitting CCTV down the network thus eliminating the requirement for additional coaxial cables. The Wireless network can be quickly and easily installed with the minimum of disruption to the working environment.

The IEEE 802.11g standard for wireless infrastructures offers speeds of up to 56MBits/sec, making them suitable for supporting all of the normal commercial applications such a file sharing, printer sharing, email and Voice over IP (VOIP). AP devices can be strategically placed in order to pick up maximum signal strength.

Wireless networking solutions also have applications in building to building links, where significant costs and disruption can be avoided when compared to the digging of ducts and the laying in of copper/fibre optic cables. Laser point to point solutions are available which offer connection speeds of up to 1GBit/sec but these applications require line of sight for signal optimisation.

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